Friday, September 26, 2008

The many faces of Hannah

" How do I look,Mom? I mean, is yellow really my color??"
-Hannah at bath time

How can you not kiss this face??
bedtime shot

"Well, if you must make sure you get my good side"
candid after dinner shot
so I'm pretty sure we have a model in our midst. I wish I could show you every little face this child makes, as there are so many, but by the time I have the camera ready to go, she's moved on to something else.
So here are a few of the many faces that make our sweet Hannah the fun little person that she is. More to come, I'm really enoying this blogging thing!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello blogging world!!!

My first blog! I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while, but now that Hannah is here it seemed the perfect way to keep up with family and friends on all the goings(is that even a real word??) on of our little family. As I sit here typing this, Hannah is fast asleep on my chest so I'm practicing my one-handed typing skills. Overall, Hannah is a very easy-going, laid back baby. However, every now and then she has these times where all she wants is to cuddle. You put her down and she wakes right up. Can I tell you all a little secret? I LOVE IT! I could hold her all day and never put her down. I think every mom should have a maid and a cook because honestly, how are you supposed to do house work and make meals when you have this perfect little one who just needs to be loved and held and adored??? It's times like these that all I can think of is that all too soon the day will be here when she's not going to want to cuddle with me for hours on end. All the more reason to take advantage now, right??

Yesterday, Hannah and I went with Grandma to the prayer group she meets with twice a month. My Mom wanted these wonderful ladies to meet Hannah, since they'd been praying for her(and me) throughout my entire pregnancy. One of the ladies there made a comment that's stuck with me. I had just finished feeding Hannah and she was in her semi-comatose state that she so commonly takes after eating. She was lying in my arms and this lady looked at Hannah and said "when I see a mother holding her child I can't help but think that that's exactly how our heavenly father wants to hold each of his children, He loves us so much!"

Since having Hannah I have to say I have a new understanding of the Lord's love for His children. I would do anything for Hannah, to see her smile, to keep her safe. I'm excited to see her life unfold, to see her personality form. I know that this journey will be wonderful and scary all at the same time.

So I'm hoping that this blog will give you a glimpse into our family's journey. All of you, no matter if we see you once a year or once a day, are a part of that journey, and for that we are truly greatful. So here we go...