Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I have always been quite a fan of Christmas. I love the lights, the carols, the decorations, everything!! This year has been especially wonderful because of a pretty little curly-haired girl named Hannah. Children just add a whole new level to the wonder of Christmas. We had a great Christmas this year, getting to spend time with both Kev's and my family.
This is the first year that Hannah's been excited about all the festivities. Last year she was too little and it was a little overwhelming. This year she LOVED it. Everytime someone would come over for a visit she would point out our tree. This would get her so excited that she break out into a dance in the middle of the living room.
Christmas Eve was spent with Kevin's side of the family. We started the evening with attending a Candelight Christmas Eve service, truly the best way to start out the holiday. It was a wonderful reminder as to what the true celebration is all about: Jesus! Then we headed back to our house for dinner and presents. I have to tell you all the funniest little story from the ride home that night. My 6yr old niece and nephew decided they wanted to ride home with us from church. No problem, hop on in! Hannah was super excited that she had someone riding in the back with her and chattered the whole way at the two of them. My niece finally lets out an exasperated sigh and says " I'm sorry, Hannah I don't speak Spanish!" I'm so used to her 'Hannah-speak' that I forget how hard she can be to understand at times!
Regardless, the kids had a blast. It was a very nice evening.
Christmas day was spent with my family. My older brother and his family were able to come down from Oregon and spend the day with us. It was so fun having the whole family together for the day. This year has been so full of the Lord's mercies and blessings that this was a truly wonderful way to end it.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebration as well. My prayer for everyone is that the year to come would be one that would bring us closer to Our Savior and each other. Our love to you all!
~Annika, Kevin and Hannah.

Hannah showing Aunt Carrie something very important, I'm sure.

The kids and their loot

Hannah and I...it was my turn to wear the princess crown.

I didn't have my camera on Christmas day, so once I get some of the pictures from family I'll post those as well. Til next time!!