Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moments with Hannah

Hello blogging world! Things have been pretty busy around here. (I'm beginning to think that's the norm and isn't going to change any time soon) Hannah is teething and has a cold on top of it! Makes for some long nights and even longer days. I still have to say though, I love being a mommy!!! I wanted to take a moment and post some new pics for all to enjoy, so here they are :)

So these are a few classic bathtime photos. Hannah still loves the water. You've got to keep an eye on her, though, as with everything she wants to put the water in her mouth and has twice now attempted a face plant in the tub! Heart attack for Mom, many laughs for Hannah. Anyway, this is Hannah modeling off her newest towel.

Hannah and her best friend Bailey playing together. Hannah loves her excersaucer and squeals with delight! This immediately brings Bailey (our golden lab) to Hannah's side to ensure that all is still well.

Hannah's new spot seems to be our bed. She loves laying in bed with us, but she seems to be taking over my side of the bed. These pics were taken when I was trying to get her ready for bed. I layed her down in the middle of our bed and I come back and she's worked her way onto my pillow and looks like she's ready to go to sleep. Problem is that's MY spot! At least it used to be...

This last one was taken just moments ago. My beautiful Hannah, fast asleep. Of course I forgot to stop the flash from flashing, so she gave me the stinkeye for a second before resuming her nap. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend. Until next time!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Long time no blog!

My apologies to all who frequent this site for my long delay between posts. Things here in the Hoffmann family have been wonderful and busy. It seems like I blinked and February was gone!
Hannah is growing so fast!(way to fast if you ask me) She's very close to sitting up all by herself, eats rice cereal and a variety of fruits and veggies on a daily basis, and continues to discover new things about herself and her world on a regular basis. She has most recently discovered how to cough. She uses this lovely little cough whenever she feels the attention in the room has inadvertently been turned away from her. It also seems to pop up whenever a quiet hush falls over wherever we seem to be.
Hannah has also cut her first tooth! Hannah is a very happy, laid back baby. However, this past week she seemed to be a little on the cranky side. Of course, this also happened to be the week that Hannah's grandma (namy) was in town from Florida to visit. She, of course, was quite understanding and loved on Hannah regardless of her crankiness. Nothing would make her happy and we couldn't figure out what was going on. We checked that little mouth of hers more than once, but couldn't see anything. Finally last night as she was sucking on Daddy's finger, he felt a little tooth!!! Hooray!
Life continues to be a wonderful adventure with Hannah, and we're loving every minute of it! OK, enough blabbering, on to some pictures!!!

Hannah in her raincoat and hat, a gift from Aunt Larissa


Hannah and her favorite duck!